"Pass A Drug Test" Shampoo

If your employer or institution conducts hair follicle drug test, you need to look for the most effective way to pass it. Though there are masking products that coat your hair, they do not offer the best results.  Nowadays, most of the labs wash and rinse the hair thoroughly before taking the sample of your hair for testing. Toxins like drug metabolites remain in your blood stream and are absorbed by your hair follicles. Hair grows from these follicles contain drug metabolites. Specially formulated "pass a drug test" shampoo is the safest and most effectual option to beat the test easily.

"Pass a drug test" shampoo is designed to suit thin hair, thick hair and for moderate users and heavy users. You can therefore choose the one that best suits your need.  They have active ingredients that cleanse all toxin residues in your hair softly without damaging your hair. You can go for a deep cleansing shampoo, if you are a long term drug user. This shampoo penetrates your hair shaft and eliminates toxin buildup effectively. The results of the shampoo last for a few hours, so you can go through the testing process without any stress.

You can also use shampoo and conditioner, which is specially formulate to detoxify your hair. It leaves your hair free from toxins, soft and silky. There are more advancement in hair testing technologies, so manufacturers take constant efforts to reformulate their "pass a drug tes" shampoo. They have a team of hair experts, hair stylists and toxicology experts, who help to devise the product more effectually. The innovative formula used to make this product helps break the bond of drug metabolites from the keratin, the protein substance in the hair. Hence, you can expect successful outcomes in the drug test.